Life Decorative Glass Plaque




LIFE 5 by 7 decorative glass plaque.  Motivational, inspirational great for home or work.  Also makes a great gift.


LIFE (words on plaque)     

When things in your life are going off track as they sometimes will - do not be perturbed, do not be disturbed do not give up. Its times like this - like never before that you must believe in yourself and you must endure. Stay focused on your dreams, your goals, and your aspirations. Than work hard, persevere, press on and one day they will be achieved. You - only you - my love have the strength to get through - look deep within yourself, continue to believe in yourself, and know that God made you a winner. There will always be obstacles which you must face in life - but if you handle them in a positive manner - at the end of the day you will hold the VICTORY banner.

©Treasured Blessings Bermuda

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