Keep It Simple Framed Inspiration Your Dreams Are Worth It




Heartfelt 'Keep It Simple Framed Inspiration' 4 by 6 Walnut Frame - Dreams Are Worth It - this is an excellent gift for those pursuing their lifelong dreams, read it again and again and draw strength from it! 


(words on plaque)



As you seek to fulfill your dreams be prepared for things unseen.  With the dream in your right hand and ambition in your left - its important to realize that you will be put to the test. 

Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed as your dreams have value and are worth being achieved.

Determination says don’t give up, persistence is the key,  persevere until the day your dream becomes a reality.

Keep thriving, keep striving, keep rising - your dreams are worth it.

 © Treasured Blessings Bermuda  (JVM)


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