Today I Awaken Decorative Glass Plaque




Today I Awaken 5 by 7 glass plaque.  Motivational, inspirational daily motivation great for work or home. Also makes a great gift.


TODAY I AWAKEN (words on plaque)

Today I awaken to a world of possibilities – to numerous opportunities – to a few challenges and obstacles too.

Today I awaken knowing that the choices that I make are all that really matter.

I can enhance this day with LOVE, PEACE & HARMONY or I can destroy this day with hate, war & despair.

I can utilize this day positively or I can waste this day negatively.

I can offer someone a ray of hope, or I can avoid them and allow them to choke.

Today, I awaken and I know for sure – that the choices that I make are all that really matter – and because I want this day to end MEANINGFULLY– I will make my choices WISELY.

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